“Pop” stands for popularizing mathematics! I am not sure if I am doing it now, but it was part of my normal life for a long time. Thus, instead of listing all the things that I did in the past, I use this space to popularize some of the things I used to popularize mathematics.




I am the official translator of Logicomix into Farsi. Believe me, کمدی منطق, the Persian version of the book is better than the original one 🙂  I guess most of you are not lucky enough to read Farsi. Thus, I strongly suggest that you read the book in any languages you find it. Indeed, It is an amazing book.

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction

Once upon a time, I was writing (in Persian) about expository mathematics books, introducing them to the “public”. The first book in the series was Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction written by Timothy Gowers. مقدمه ای کوتاه بر ریاضیات is my introduction in Persian. The last line reads:

This book has a new look to what you know and is a window to what you should know.

Mathematical Discovery

I proudly wrote an introduction for the Persian translation of  Polya’s book “Mathematical Discovery“. Part of the introduction reads as follows:

Polya, the author of the book, had passed away a few years before I was able to read his book. However, he was not just a person; he was a vision that is still alive. He redefined whatever he looked at. But, his view seems so natural that removes the border between what we know and what we don’t know.

The Geometry of Numbers

I translated The Geometry of Numbers ( هندسه اعداد ) with a large group of my friends and students for a mathematics competition. The competition was solely based on the book. Participants had about two months to read it in groups of three and then the groups gathered together to compete against each other on the day of competition. They had to solve different types of problems including multiple choice, short answer, problems of more challenging nature, and even some oral problems.

Gatherings of any (Mathematical) Kind

Gathering 4 Garener

Once, I organized a Gathering 4 Gardner at the university that I was working. It happened once in Iran and never again. I’ve mentioned it here to let you know the idea and maybe become interested in organizing one of them.

CoM07 CoM08CoM3-H


I was officially involved in Kangourou sans Frontieres for two years. Kangourou is an annual contest with the aim of promoting mathematics among young people around the world. If you are a teacher it would be mathematically beneficial for you and your students to take part. It is one of the most meaningful math contests I know.

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