Amir H. Asghari
2005. Research in Mathematics Education 7, 1, pp. 33-45.
Publication year: 2005

RME-2005 is my first journal paper (in English). I wrote it when I was a Ph.D. student. It describes how interviews brought a change in my perception of the role of definitions.  It, based on one of the interviews, also suggests an alternative (non-standard and new) definition of the notion of equivalence relation. It tells how I learnt to see a concept through learners’ eyes; that was the start of my turn to phenomenography. If the paper has any importance now, it is what  was nicely summarised by one of the reviewers:

Recognising that definitions are chosen not pre-existing, and that a researcher who is awake and not simply looking for what they expect are important lessons for other researchers, particularly graduate students, to learn.

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