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Papers and the stories behind them

نوشته ها

نوشته ها و داستان های پشت آنها

ریاضیات برای والدین

برای آگاه کردن والدین از آنچه کودکان باید بیاموزند

Linear Algebra

Telling the story of linear algebra by one-Minute videos

تاریخ ریاضی

فیلم های درس تاریخ ریاضی دانشگاه شریف


ریاضیات کتاب های درسی

My Academic Family
من و بچه هام در یک قاب

Nourishing Conceptual Understanding

The problems and tasks I have designed and used over the years


I have initiated a number of projects with their own websites. 


WikiLetter is an international project in which mathematics educators have only 2000 words to write about their ideas. 


Maths4Maryams/Farsi was initiated in memory of Maryam Mirzahkani. It is to facilitate the interaction of to-be-mathematicians.  

Iranian maths magazines

Loved and Dusted Maths Magazines is a unique project to collect and digitise 100 years Iranian mathematics magazines.  

Six-Word Poems

Six words scrambled by my soul