Six-Word Poems

Cause of madness: exposure to self-awareness. 

Freed my mind; it’s empty now. 

Dared touch my dream; it cracked.

Addicted to writing, can’t find words.

In love with what worth loving. 

Wasted. My apologies. Not sincere enough. 

Saying the last “see you soon”. 

We’re our own advantage and disadvantage .

I was there; I am there.

Cosmetic brain surgery, free for lovers.

Dying to be seen, not loved. 

Dreams are fake when too real.

When everyone loves you but yourself.

Fought being myself for too long. 

“More exhausted than God”, said Man. 

Never learnt from mistakes, only re-learnt. 

Can’t ask dark to be lighter. 

Life, the only story left, somehow. 

Love me for what I’m not.

Repaired heart, only one piece missing.

Silence: The sound of broken hearts.

Losing everything is the only thing.

The last man standing is lonely.

I’ve been happy for too long.

To you, I leave my pain.

Kindness has the colour of water.

I am Ok, as you requested.

This abnormal life is not normal.

Too good to be true, true.

To learn how to fail, failed.

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